Friday, February 15, 2019

Happy Birthday

I had fun with this card and I made 
it with the lining of a soup package.
That is where I got the silver LOL
 It will go into the mail to a friend
that I have had for many years.
We are a long ways from each
other but still talk by long distance. 
Some friends and friendships last
forever and some are very short 
lived.  Heaven only knows why
some are short and some are 


This is a card I made in a hurry also. It 
seemed like all of a sudden I had a short 
time to make cards for different occasions.
Have you ever had that happen ? So now
I make cards ahead that all I have to do 
is add the sentiment. Life gets busy
doesn't it?

Wedding Card

This is one of those cards when you get a last minute
invitation to a wedding and have to make a card 
so fast that your head spins.  LOL.  I wasn't really
happy with it but it did the trick.  I didn't even 
have a chance to take a picture of the front. LOL.  
So please forgive the lousy posting.  

Puttin' on the Ritz

This is another one that I just fell
in love with.  This is a Meljens Image . She 
no longer makes images and I miss
her images so much.  But hope she
is doing what she loves doing .  I 
saved so many of her images because
of the way they seem to fit just what 
I need at the time. 

Bicycle for One ;)

I saw this image and fell in love with it. It was
one of those images that you all know, you just
have to do something with it. LOL. 

For My Sister

My sister and I are basically the only
ones left in our family and we are 
very close even though we are 
nations apart.  It is hard being
away from her but I had to send 
her this card.  

Anniversary Card

This is a card I made for a wonderful 
Pastor and His beautiful wife.  I love
poppies and poppies instead of  roses  just
 seemed perfect for what I wanted to send